The Return of the Stone Age: Prolific New Age Author and Coach Releases Guide to Next Steps in Crystal Consciousness

CUDJOE KEY, Fla., April 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrated writer, spiritual advisor and conscious change coach Catherine A. Wilcox debuts her latest book, The New Stone Age, Crystal Data for the 21st Century, an A-to Z guide revealing for the first time all the energetic elements behind the outworkings of crystals.

Written from information Wilcox has researched and collected for over 30 years, the book updates the current model of crystal consciousness to bring a new understanding of where crystal use is headed in the 21st century.

“Minerals, color, chakras, sacred geometry, earth elements, energy and planetary influences are explained, so even a New Age skeptic will be able to grasp why crystals are emerging as the newest healing modality,” Wilcox said.  “It is no wonder skepticism runs rampant over crystals and their ability to bring balance to the body on the physical, emotional, mental and spirit mind-bodies that humans use as their motherboard,” Wilcox added. “Crystals are responsible for the operation of computers! Why should the human body be any different?”

The New Stone Age, Crystal Data for the 21st Century is the first book in a planned series. The Crystal Apothecary Index is expected to be released in December 2022. Chakra Speak, the Language of Chakras is planned for summer 2022. Color Speak, the Language of Color is due out in the fall 2022. Grid Speak, the Language of Grids has a winter 2022 release. Mineral Speak, the Language of Minerals will follow in 2023.

Wilcox released Sacred Grief, A Guide to Conscious Change, in 2020. The guide helps those who want to accept the challenge of conscious change that the experience of grief offers; to transform oneself into the next level of consciousness.  “After all, all things happen to move one toward a more light-filled existence.  Grief is just one of those things,” Wilcox proffers.

Known worldwide for coaching hundreds of other spirits in their journey of self-discovery through her unique approach to emotional and mental prosperity, Catherine A. Wilcox offers sage advice in her weekly blog and posts and her social media platforms through Soul Sequencing  Wilcox has three books available through Amazon; God is in the Details – Little Stories to Nourish your Faith, and the first two of her Sacred Series – Guides for Conscious Change titled Sacred Grief and Sacred Prosperity. Wilcox, aside from her self-discovery books, is the owner of NorthStar Manuals, a publishing company that also publishes systems for hiring, training, team building, inventory operations, and bookkeeping for business owners of the 21st Century.  You can learn more at:

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