Pets Adjusting to Post-Pandemic World

MYSTIC, Conn., Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned animal Psychic Nancy Mello has been providing much-needed support to pets and families as the world begins to reopen.

When millions were forced to quarantine at the height of the pandemic, pets became a form of solace and a source of comfort for their owners. While the lockdown was a source of anxiety, pets were undoubtedly happy to have their family home 24/7.

On the contrary, some pets have also suffered through the pandemic as they could not take regular walks and meet other pets. While most pets are social creatures, others before Covid-19 had set schedules with sleep times, exercise, and outings disrupted by a whole house and no quarantine.

Margaret Gruen, assistant professor of behavioral medicine at the NC State College of Veterinary Medicine, posits that all pets will have some adjustment issues as owners go back to in-office work and kids head back to school. She postulates that while many people work flexible hours or convert a temporary home office into a permanent one, pets will experience changes in both scenarios. Either they will be left home by themselves again, or their favorite nap spot will infringe upon the workspace.

This is where prominent pet communicator Nancy Mello comes in.

Mello is a pet psychic, animal intuitive, and pet medium. She channels her talents into bridging the communication divide between pets and their owners. While this may seem strange to some, Nancy has garnered a dedicated slew of clients whose happy pets are a live representation of her prowess.

Nancy is extending her services by assisting families in understanding their pet’s feelings towards quarantine through communication. With Nancy as the conduit, owners learn to make the transition to normalcy as seamless as possible. She explains that drastic changes such as leaving pets at home alone after years of quarantine can result in them developing separation anxiety.

For pet owners who are making this transition back into the physical world of work, Mello provides the following tips, “You can leave the TV or music on for anxious pets, have someone check in on the pet, keep a favorite blanket for them, maintain a food schedule, and ensure when the family does get home from work, they dedicate time to their pet.”

For others, she explains that having the entire family home all the time can prove overwhelming. Some pets will also grow frustrated with owners being home but not spending any time with them as they turn home into an office. To combat this, Nancy suggests, “help pets by taking five minutes every couple of hours to throw a ball or walk your dog. Include your pet by encouraging them to be with you while on the computer or going to them and simply petting them as you work. These tips can help ease a pet’s transition as we continue to find a new normal.”

Mello is passionate about her work and uses her skills and intuition to perform a myriad of services, including but not limited to missing pet rescue and end-of-life reading. Her informative Tik Tok serves as a knowledge bank of pet advice.

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