New Self-Help Book Aims to Kick Life’s Ass (And Get Yours in Gear)

BALTIMORE, Md., July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Author and accomplished entrepreneur Erika P. Ryles now brings her no-nonsense life coach approach to the written word, announcing today the debut of her first book, “How to Not Give a Shit and Not Be a Dumb Ass in the Process: The Ultimate Handbook on Being a Better Human.”

Grounded in the author’s spirituality, experience across varied business sectors, and counseling approaches, “How to Not Give a Shit…” doesn’t hand-hold its audience through the reading process. It incorporates the author’s personal and uncensored style—in thought, philosophy, and language—to reflect on the current nature of humanity. Ryles’ messages push people to find their inner strength, and she argues that the best way to make humanity a force for good is through making each link in our collective chain as strong as possible.

“How to Not Give a Shit…” doesn’t just separate itself from the pack in a crowded literary market. It cleaves its way through the noise and repetition too often found in the self-help space, going beyond the typical clichés to infuse actuality. In the book, wisdom-seekers find not someone who lectures from on high but a teacher who brings a sense of reality. Ryles stresses her hardships have only served to make her stronger, and how she managed them can serve as a template for others who are experiencing suffering.

“How to Not Give a Shit and Not Be a Dumb Ass in the Process: The Ultimate Handbook on Being a Better Human” is available in Kindle Edition through Amazon here:

About the Author: Erika P. Ryles is a serial entrepreneur, visionary, spiritual life coach, and author. Though awarded multiple degrees and certifications, her passion lies in helping the disadvantaged—and the whole of humanity—find peace. Find out more about her at

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