Making Disciples in the Disaster: Global Catalytic Ministries Provides Hope in Growing Humanitarian Crisis in Turkey

NAMPA, Idaho, Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the death toll in Turkey tops a staggering 35,000, Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM), a leader in the Afghanistan crisis and fastest growing underground church in Iran, have been operating around the clock to bring light into a catastrophic situation; consoling family members who lost loved ones, pulling bodies from the rubble, and crying with strangers in the streets. Leaders are currently assessing the short-term and long-term needs of the cities.

One disciple-maker in Turkey shares, “All the city buses and hotel rooms are full. There are no flights. Many cannot travel and have to stay back. Some choose to stay. Whatever happens, we stay, but they are sending their loved ones out of the city. Watching this separation is heartbreaking. Some even call us and ask, ‘Please take my family out and send them anywhere you want.’ People are in a state of fear and trauma.” 

Historically, in moments of disaster the Church grows rapidly. The people of Turkey are desperate, shaken from the day-to-day trauma of their lives and searching for real answers…and God is showing up in powerful encounters. People who have been rescued from the rubble have reported seeing a “Man in White,” feeding and sustaining them.

An underground church leader says, “God often uses these moments of disaster to awaken the human soul to its desperate need and He never fails to rise up and meet that need. For Him to answer the desperate call we must rise up as well. We boldly and compassionately bring the message of the gospel where it is most needed and most easily received, in the very midst of human suffering.”

These types of relief efforts are part of GCM’s ongoing call to make disciples of Jesus in the Middle East. GCM disciple-makers have been in Turkey for approximately 4 years, helping Muslims see the One who brings true peace. Much like Afghanistan, the underground church will help not just meet physical but spiritual needs as well. When the news cycle shifts, the nonprofits leave, and the resources stop, the underground church will still be on the ground making disciples.

GCM’s goal is to raise $5 Million to support the underground church in disciple making and relief efforts in Turkey and across the world. Every dollar raised will help with…

-Bringing medical equipment, food, generators, tents, wood stoves to families
-Transportation, shelter, and secured communication for disciple-makers
-Provide for hundreds of orphans
-Develop access into new areas
-Support our indigenous disciple-makers
-Coach new believing indigenous leaders
-Plant new churches that create new movements

We are calling the body of Christ and all leaders to pray and become an advocate to raise funds on behalf of the people of Turkey and the underground church. As Ramadan draws near, when Muslims will be seeking a time of spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and heightened devotion and worship, pray that the Holy Spirit will reveal himself so they see the one true God. Pray for protection over the children, as mixed in among God’s people and other compassionate groups are traffickers looking to exploit orphaned children. The capital “C” Church has the opportunity to inspire others and join in the renewal and restoration of a country that is desperate for the Good News. We are a disciple-making organization who meets the needs of the people, but it always leads to disciple-making.

Text “helpturkey” to 50155 to donate and learn how to be an advocate by visiting to join a global community of individuals united in the mission to make disciples in the darkest places and beyond.

About Global Catalytic Ministries

Global Catalytic Ministries (GCM) is a leader in the disciple-making movement in the darkest places and beyond, rapidly transforming Muslims worldwide through Jesus Christ by means of intentional disciple making, church planting, relief, and leadership development. The documentary, Sheep Among Wolves Volume 2, exposes the experiences of GCM’s underground church leaders in Iran as true sheep among wolves.


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