Homicide Leads to Unprecedented Reform Resources

DARWIN, Northern Territory, Australia, Dec. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Anahata Karma Pty Ltd announced today the launch of www.jailtime.com.au a website containing resources for those facing imprisonment, parole, final freedom and their supporters.

Company founder Brent Ovalsen, a former Australian inmate convicted of homicide has teamed up with Kathy Craig from Texas, USA to provide free videos, a blog, free meditations, free counselling services, as well as books available to purchase for inmates and parolees around the world.

If you are facing imprisonment, where do you get accurate information about how to approach your jail time?

Corrections departments provide basic guidance on their websites for entering prison, visit programs and parole.

Inmates and supporters currently get most of their guidance about the prison system and parole from other inmates, who may themselves be dysfunctional and on the serial wheel of recidivism.

Ovalsen and Craig realised that a void exists between navigating imprisonment and parole and getting accurate information. The right information and focus at the start of a sentence or parole period empowers an inmate to have a greater chance of contributing to society upon their release, rather than becoming another recidivism statistic.

An Opportunity for Lowering Re-Incarceration Rates

The need to assist ex-offenders to build better lives was addressed by President Trump with his Proclamation on Second Chance Month 2019:

“Inmates are often eager to leave behind the challenges presented by incarceration. Too often, however, they find the transition to life outside of prison to be daunting. If they are not able to find jobs and housing and rebuild relationships with family and friends, they may find it harder to escape the cycle of reoffending. Sadly, 5 out of 6 State prisoners are rearrested within 9 years of their release, and more than a third of former Federal prisoners will be rearrested within 5 years of their release. In addition to the harm caused to the victims of crime, these high recidivism rates place a significant financial burden on taxpayers, deprive our labor force of productive workers, and leave families without spouses, children, and parents.” 

Similarly in Australia, fifty-eight percent of prisoners were previously incarcerated and forty-five percent return within two years. 

Australia houses 41,000 prisoners at an annual cost of over $4 billion. The United States spends $80 billion each year to keep 2.3 million incarcerated.

Free Resources

  • Videos
  • Blog
  • Meditations
  • Counselling

Prison Guidance Trilogy by Ovalsen and Craig

  • Don’t Tell Me – Show Me – A guide for inmates and those who visit and support them
  • Expect More – Flourishing on parole
  • Permission to Fly – Navigating life after parole

Non-inmates will discover sound principles for finding inner peace within their own worldly prisons.

Available at online bookstores.

About Brent Ovalsen

Brent served 5,533 days in prison and completed over four years of parole. His attitude and disciplined meditation and yoga practices caused Brent to find a deep inner peace in prison and to thrive. Brent was accredited through an in-prison counselling course and worked with over a thousand fellow inmates and families.

“Prison reflects the fears of society, only on an amplified scale. Mine was not a normal prison experience; nonetheless, I verily believe that this can be a normal prison experience for any inmate, regardless of their background, as long as they follow my simple, straightforward advice. I’m a living testimony to that,” said Ovalsen.

John Silvester is an Australian investigative crime reporter and prolific author who wrote two books discussing Brent’s criminal involvement in homicide at age 20. Brent has now been crime free for 27-years and Silvester wrote, Brent was sentenced to a minimum of 15 years and did his time without complaint. Reformed, he wrote Dont Tell Me – Show Me, a book for inmates and prison visitors on how to survive jail.” Silvester conducted the only interview Brent has ever given about his crime. The Podcast interview went live in May 2020 along with an article in The Age Newspaper.

About Brent & Kathy: http://www.jailtime.com.au/about.html

SOURCE Anahata Karma Pty Ltd